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Анализатор для определения бактерии хеликобактер пилори (Helicobacter pylori), “ Helicobacter pylori Detector” с принадлежностями и расходными материалами модель “HUBT-20P”


  HUBT – 20P – is an equipment used in healthcare facilities for detecting helicobacter pylori infection in human's stomach. Detector is used for carrying out 14 C urea breathing test which enables to diagnose helicobacter pylori infection by means of exhaled gas analysis.  


Main peculiarities of HUBT-20P 14 C urea breathing test:

• Compact external equipment and its portability with refined construction.

 • High technological components providing its high efficiency and performance reliability.

• Intuitively comprehensible and convenient user interface in English.

• Ease of operation and automatic analysis of samples, the start of which doesn't need pressing the button.

• Completely automated diagnostics of faults, automated proofreading of background count and automatic calibration.

• Releases C-magnitude and automatic determination of positive or negative result.

• Built-in thermal printer with automatic data printing function.

• Adapted to the external PC with the possibility of data transfer through local area networks according to custom template for conformance to the requirements of different healthcare facilities.  


Advantages of 14 C urea breathing test:

Breathing test with 14 C urea has the following advantages:

Precision: Sensitivity is - 95%, specificity – 95% - 100%.

Comfort: Non-invasive procedure which doesn't require endoscope administration and well tolerated by patients.

Convenience: Carrying out analysis on the site of sampling reduces  inconveniences for patients to a minimum.

Safety: The given method presupposes negligibly small doses of radiation impact because of what it was relieved from regulatory restrictions on using radioactive materials in the USA and China.

Simplicity: Simple surgery that doesn't require special handling.

Speed: 30 minutes are necessary for complete test run, and results are accessible on the site of sampling.  


14 C urea breathing test set:

14 C urea breathing test set is used for detecting urease in the stomach as the secondary method in the diagnostics of Helicobacter pilori infection (H. pylori). Breathing test set includes:

• Capsules with 14 C urea: 27,8 bCf (0, 75 microcurie) in one capsule; 40 capsules in one package.

• Cartridges for sample collection: 40  pieces in a package.

• Package-leaflet.