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Пакет для сбора и хранения медицинских отходов с замком-застежкой и ярлыком


Disposable packets used for waste collection must provide encapsulation and possibility of safe collection into them to 15 kg. Packets are equipped with special tie piece which allows quickly and efficiently encapsulate them after their filling, special tags simplify the process of marking.

• Packets have different colours according to the class of waste for which they are designed. Packets for collecting wastes of class A must have white colour,  class B must have yellow,  class V must have red and class G must have black colour.

• Complying with all the rules of encapsulation using packets reduces the risk of infection spread out of medical prevention facility to 0 %. 

• Disposable packets produced by the company КМ-Project have high endurance and hermiticity.

• Packet - 1item.

• Tag - 1 item.

• Tie piece - 1 item.