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Бак для сбора, хранения и перевозки медицинских отходов


Multiple use polyethylene tank is used for collecting waste of all categories by putting a pack of the corresponding class into it. Produced as a capacity of 35 litres. It is used in the primary place of waste collection. ADVANTAGES OF A NEW PRODUCT: Tank has a thick wall that provides its endurance and frost tolerance! The bottom of the tank is fixed with extra stiff axes! Handles of the tank have poured in form which enables to endure powerfull blows. Tried and tested! Its top has four fixing elements which assure you that in case of accidental turnover of the tank during collection or transportation of waste the contents will remain inside - extra factor of protection from hospital infection! A cart with legs was specially designed for the tank, which also won't let the turnover of the tank and potentially infected waste to be spilled!